Battalion Chief Dean Guccione is committed to leaving the fire service better than he found it by helping entry level firefighter candidates become the person that ALL fire departments want to hire, so they can realize their dream of becoming a full-time, professional firefighter. He trains, coaches and mentors candidates to fully understand the hiring process, and how to properly prepare, not only for the oral interview and hiring process, but for the job, as a professional firefighter.

Chief Guccione retired from the Beverly Hills Fire Department in April of 2016. As the Personnel Division Chief, Dean was charged with writing and administering promotional exams for Battalion Chief, Captain and Engineer.  He has also sat on dozens of promotional interview and tactical panels, as a rater, for multiple southern California fire departments, including L.A. City, Fullerton, Brea, Torrance, and Newport Beach Fire Departments, just to name a few.

Chief Guccione was also charged with administering and writing the entry level firefighter hiring process including writing all of the oral interview questions. As a member of the oral interview panel, Chief Guccione has interviewed hundreds and hundreds of entry level firefighter candidates over the last 20 years of his 29 year career. And as a Chief Officer, he’s networked with other department Chiefs regarding the entry level process, so he knows exactly what ALL fire departments are looking for in their candidates as well.

Interviewing an average of over 100 candidates per year, he knows exactly what he’s looking for when an applicant walks in the room. Unfortunately, even the highest scoring candidates are not as fully prepared as they should be, but with the right coaching and preparation, you have a significantly better chance of finishing at or near the top of the list, which is where you need to finish to move forward in the hiring process.

Chief Guccione can help you go from an inexperienced, or even a “good” candidate, to an Outstanding Candidate with the correct coaching, mentoring, understanding, and preparation. You will learn how your personal experiences will relate to every question you are asked by the interview panel, naturally driving your score to the top of the list.

You too can be a top firefighter candidate by becoming one of Chief Guccione’s students. So, let’s get started!


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It is my mission to help you, the entry level firefighter candidate, realize your dream of becoming a full-time, professional firefighter through your personal story and experiences that make YOU stand out and finish in the top 1% with ANY Department.

Part of that mission is to ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview when you walk in the room and that is what Tomorrow’s Firefighter is all about.



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My goal is to help you become the firefighter candidate that All departments want to hire. Your honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and commitment to serving others before yourself, will help you excel in the hiring process.

You must be prepared for all phases of the hiring process, so it is my promise and commitment to provide you with the highest quality and most accurate coaching and training possible that will naturally bring out your qualities and qualifications to the interview panel driving your score to the top of the list.