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Panel Interview Coaching and Preparation, Including Chief's Interview and Background Coaching for Firefighter Candidates


The Firefighter Oral Interview Academy Will Help You Finish in the Top 1% on the Firefighter Eligibility List with Any Department

Welcome to Tomorrow's Firefighter. Chief Dean Guccione is passionate about providing the best possible coaching and information to help firefighter candidates earn their badge with their preferred or target department.

This is your hub for significantly improving your firefighter panel interview score, so you can earn that invitation to the Chief's interview and background process and ultimately receive a conditional offer of employment.

The fire service needs good people and Chief Dean Guccione specializes in developing entry level firefighter candidates into the candidates that all departments want to hire. His 20+ years of experience sitting behind the interview table, has given him a unique understanding of exactly what fire departments are looking for in a candidate. Dean has networked with and collaborated with dozens of chief officers about best practices for entry level firefighter recruitment.

Firefighter Oral Interview Academy

The number #1 firefighter interview coaching and training program in North America, for firefighter candidates. This comprehensive 5 week online training program covers every aspect of the panel interview including how to prepare for dozens of standard panel interview questions utilizing your own personal experiences. Included are situational questions, as well as Chief's interview preparation and questions, and how to properly complete all background paperwork. You also get insights into the psych exam and polygraph test. This online program is a must for all firefighter candidates. You can access it now for only $37.00 per month and you can cancel at any time.



Battalion Chief Dean Guccione served 29 years with the Beverly Hills Fire Department. His last assignment, before he retired, was the Personnel Division Chief where he was responsible for writing, and administering promotional exams and assessment centers for Engineer, Captain, and Battalion Chief. He was also responsible for writing and administering the entry level firefighter interview process including writing all interview questions and sitting on the interview panel.

Chief Guccione has collaborated with with dozens of chief officers, and has a full understanding of what fire departments throughout the U.S. and Canada are looking for in an entry level firefighter candidate.

Chief Guccione's unique coaching style coupled with his insights, knowledge, and experience of entry level hiring processes has helped nearly 400 candidates earn their badge in the last 5 years.


"Chief Guccione pushed me and guided me to where I have achieved my goal and give back to my community. The program helped make it personal and calmed my nerves. Chief Guccione showed me how to stand out among hundreds of candidates."

Andy Mehas

Firefighter/Paramedic, Henderson Fire Department, Nevada

"You gave me the tools in bringing forth my skills, knowledge, and abilities during my interview. Your program is different than any other coaching program because it allows you to give proper answers without sounding canned. It gives you the ability to have a candid discussion with the interview panel, and the confidence in knowing is you and your background."

Richard Fendley

Firefighter, Oakville Fire Department, Ontario, Canada

"I couldn't have realized my dream without Chief Dean and his Oral Interview Academy. My interview score skyrocketed to the top of the list. I had been testing for 7 or 8 years and never get a call back for a chief's interview or background. Chief Guccione was there for me and helped me push through some setbacks and I finally got the job!"

Jeff Wallner

Firefighter, Hartford Fire Department, Connecticut

"I couldn't afford to take the time to figure this out by trial and error. With Chief Guccione, I felt he was honest and he helped me understand what departments are looking for in a candidate, and other programs didn't explain that. It's one of the greatest investments I've made so far! It will help you get the job, especially with his guidance and coaching, and you will get a positive return because you will learn how to organize your thoughts so you can stand out to the panel."

Daniella Montiel

Firefighter/Paramedic, Hallandale Fire Department, Florida

"Getting hired was a long and frustrating process, but getting feedback was invaluable. Knowing to what extent you should answer interview questions was also something that I needed. Chief Guccione even interviewed me at one point and I knew immediately that I didn't have the job. I was clear that I didn't know what was expected of me in the interview. Having the information that you gave me in the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy enabled me to understand and actually exceed those expectations. Thank you!"

Pierce Williams

Firefighter, San Jose Fire Department, California

"Before your program, I would struggle and get caught up in my own thoughts, lose track and forget critical key talking points, which is why I didn't do well before the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy. What helped me the most was the way Chief Guccione broke down the questions and gave examples of what the panel was actually looking for in an answer using my own personal experiences."

Matt Keane

Firefighter, Virginia Beach Fire Department, Virginia

Check Out These Stand Alone Programs to Help You Earn Your Badge

Firefighter Chief's Interview Workshop

Learn the differences between the panel interview and Chief's interview with this 4 hour program, where Chief Guccione discusses what the Fire Chief is looking for in a candidate that is different from the panel members. You may also be interviewed only by the Fire Chief or a panel of Chief Officers.

Firefighter Situational Questions Workshop

This program helps you understand why you are being asked situational questions and how to effectively use your problem solving skills, people skills, and emotional intelligence to effectively respond to these seemingly impossible questions. You will also learn how to keep yourself from getting backed into a corner by the panel members.

Firefighter Interview Coaching Center

This program is composed of all the coaching session video replays of Chief Guccione and his Firefighter Oral Interview Academy students. Included are over 35 hours of coaching. This monthly membership program is packed full of interview coaching that will help you earn your badge which helps firefighter candidates who are on a budget.

One-On-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is truly the best way to help you earn your badge. As a one-on-one student, you meet with Chief Guccione on a regular basis to help you fine tune your interview responses. Included in one-on-one coaching are the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy, Chief's Interview Workshop, Situational Questions Workshop, and Firefighter Interview Coaching Center

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