GovernmentJobs.com is the primary website that cities and counties use to post their firefighter job openings. Just type in "firefighter" in the job type and the city or state you want to look for firefighter jobs. https://www.governmentjobs.com/

National Testing Network (FireTeam)

National Testing Network (FireTeam) is a major player in assisting cities, counties, and fire protection districts administer their firefighter written exams. NTN also posts the most current firefighter job openings, so you know exactly when the filing period ends. https://nationaltestingnetwork.com/


FirefighterJobs.io is a resource for entry level firefighters that have firefighter job listings from all over the U.S. It also features different forums, so you can talk with other firefighter candidates and receive guidance for different types of entry level exams. FirefighterJobs.io


When you click on ChicagoFireWire.com, click on the Career Center tab for firefighter job listings throughout the U.S. This website is constantly updated with the latest firefighter jobs. ChicagoFireWire.com