| May, 2020 Student Highlight

Manasseh Miles, Fort Worth, Texas


Dean: How old are you Manasseh and where do you live?

Manasseh: I am 25 years old and I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas.

Dean: Why do you want to be a firefighter and what draws you to the fire service?

Manasseh: I desire to become a firefighter to help and give aid to individuals in need. Whether that be in first aid and safety, search and rescue, or even educating the community. Firefighters work together as a team for one main purpose, to serve and protect, which is something that I would love to contribute to. I have always been part of a team whether that was playing collegiate football, collaborating in student ministry, or having jobs where achieving more together was the focus.

Dean: What is your biggest accomplishment up to this point in your life?

Manasseh: One of my greatest accomplishments was receiving a full athletic scholarship to play Division I football. Growing up in poverty, I knew this was my “ticket” to getting an education. I put everything I had into making this a reality, so having it come to fruition was extremely rewarding.

Since graduating from college, one of my favorite things has been coaching and mentoring a few high school football players in the D-FW area. Helping them achieve their goal of receiving academic and athletic scholarships to universities is something I can do to pay it forward.

Dean: What are some hobbies and interests you enjoy?

Manasseh: I have several interests and hobbies: football, physical fitness, ultimate frisbee, cooking & baking, animals, anything that requires me to use my hands, watching documentaries, and reading books.

Dean: What kinds of volunteer/community service do you enjoy participating in?

Manasseh: I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer with various organizations in different capacities:

  • Buckner International in Beaumont, Tx where I was able to help the less fortunate kids celebrate Christmas by wrapping gifts and hanging lights.
  • Southeast Texas Food Bank where I taught nutrition education classes, distributed food to local food pantries in the community, and assisted in the development of the Senior Diabetic Food Box Program.
  • Trademark Church in Fort Worth where I currently volunteer as a mentor to our Trademark Students. We strive to empower and equip students to be all that they can be and live Christ centered lives.
  • I also coach/mentor young men in their personal development- to help them grow in wisdom, stature, friendship, and discipline.


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