| Developing Mental Toughness - Firefighter Job Preparation

by Dean Guccione on April 14, 2017. In this video, Chief Dean Guccione discuss how you must develop mental toughness being a firefighter. Mental toughness is necessary for your success as you run 911 emergency calls, and you also need mental toughness for your success around the station. You are going to be exposed to life and death situations on a daily basis where you will need to be mentally tough to cope with what you see every day.You'll also need mental toughness in the station, because as a rookie, you will be under stress constantly due to being continually evaluated on your performance and your behavior. Being mentally tough is a skill that you can learn over time, and the better you get at controlling the way you think and feel while responding to emergencies, the more a fulfilling and successful career you will have. Enjoy!

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| F.O.A.M. Firefighter Oral Assessment Mechanism - Firefighter Interview Preparation

by Dean Guccione on March 15, 2017. In this video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses a new and different method that a few fire departments are using to interview their firefighter candidates. It's called the FOAM method of interviewing. Firefighter Oral Assessment Mechanism is a video based style interview where you're shown a video scenario and then have to respond in real time, as though you are talking to a real person. You usually have about 40 seconds for your response, so this type of interview requires significant preparation to do well. Enjoy!

| Legalized Marijuana in California and The Firefighter Candidate

by Dean Guccione on January 14, 2017. In this video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses Proposition 64, in California, where marijuana was legalized for recreational use on November 8th, 2016. Chief Guccione talks about the illusion firefighter candidates may have regarding recreational marijuana use and their ability to pass their background investigation.

But, the law actually will not go into effect until January, 2018. The State of California will need this year to figure out how pot will be regulated, sold, and used.

Don't be surprised if Fire Departments throughout California DO NOT change their policies regarding the use of pot for recruit and full-time firefighters. We will see what happens! Enjoy!

| How Negative Influences Affect You As A Firefighter Candidate

by Dean Guccione on December 15, 2016. In this video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses How Negative Influences Affect You As A Firefighter Candidate. You know who and what the negative influences are in your life. They are people and influences in your life that suck the energy right out of you, leaving you feeling lazy, resentful, and even angry or discouraged and drained of energy. My advice is to get rid of them! Check out the video to see how. Enjoy!

| The Consequences of Waiting until the Last Minute to Prepare for Your Interview

by Dean Guccione on November 17, 2016. In this week's video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses a mistake many firefighter candidates make is waiting until the last minute to start preparing for their upcoming firefighter oral interview. Unfortunately, there is no way good way to prepare for a firefighter interview in just a few days, or even a week. For you to be successful, you must start preparing for your interview at least a month in advance. It’s best to begin preparing for your interview when you decide you’re going to start testing. However, you can be successful if you start preparing during the application period for that department. But be sure to block out at least an hour or two a day to study and prepare. Good luck and enjoy!

| Dallas Police Shootings - The New Situational Awareness For Firefighters

by Dean Guccione on July 17, 2016. In this video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses the New Situational Awareness and change in SOPs, that not only police officers will face, but firefighters will also need to adapt to because of the horrific murder of 5 Dallas Police Officers last Friday, June 8, 2016. Police officers were targeted by terrorists like never before in the past, and Firefighters cannot let their guard down and believe that they are immune to such attacks. This is more important now than ever with the Paris attack by a terrorist in a truck, and now this morning with 3 police officers dead in Baton Rouge, LA., who were also killed in an ambush-style attack. Always remember if you see something, say something. You could save countless lives if you report something suspicious that just doesn't feel right to you. I hope this serves you. Dean

| How To Control Your Emotions While You Up Your Compassion

by Dean Guccione on June 24, 2016. In this video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses how you can reduce your nerves and fear when responding to emergency 911 calls, as a new probationary firefighter. Unfortunately, in the academy, they don't correctly teach you how to be calm when you respond to serious incidents where there's significant injuries or multiple casualties, or structure fires where your on a line inside conducting a search while looking for the fire, or being on a roof of a burning structure conducting ventilation operations. Chief Guccione helps you focus your attention to on the tasks you're assigned as well as showing your compassion and empathy towards those you're helping to alleviate your nervousness and anxiety. Enjoy!

| Is Your Social Media Preventing You From Becoming A Firefighter?

by Dean Guccione on June 17, 2016. In this week's video, Chief Dean Guccione discusses how background investigators are scrutinizing candidates' social media accounts for videos, pictures and posts that put themselves and/or the fire service in a bad light. You would be surprised as to how many firefighter candidates fail simply because they have social media platforms that depict excessive partying, drugs, racial and discriminatory posts and other types of inappropriate postings. So, go and clean up your social media accounts or you may be skipped over for another candidate and lose that chance of becoming a full-time, professional firefighter. Enjoy!

| What You Need To Do First To Become A Firefighter

by Dean Guccione on June 3, 2016.
In this video, Chief Dean Guccione Discusses what you need to do first if you want to become a full-time, professional firefighter. There are a number of classes you'll need to take to help you prepare for a career as a firefighter, but Chief Guccione not only tells you what class you'll need to take first, but why. He also lays out an education plan, so you can do the most for your preparation in the shortest amount of time. Enjoy!

| Chief Dean Guccione Retires From BHFD on 4/22/16

by Dean Guccione on May 1, 2016. In this week's video, Chief Dean Guccione announces his retirement from the Beverly Hills Fire Department. He retired on April 22, 2016, so he can dedicate himself full time to helping prepare firefighter candidates for their oral interview and background investigation. The number of his paid students is growing significantly, so he will be dedicating much of his time helping them prepare for their interview and be so they can be successful on probation. Enjoy!