Check out a few of my students who have written to let me know how the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy has helped them earn their badge and land their dream job.



Andy Mehas - Firefighter, Henderson Fire Department, Nevada

Scotty Brown - Firefighter, Clark County Fire Department, Nevada

Jeff Wallner - Firefighter, Hartford Fire Department, Connecticut

My name is Lionel Salcido. I started applying for fire departments and was passing the written tests. I remember I was so excited to go on my first interview. It was for Santa Monica in Ca. The interview questions were not the challenging part, but the answering was. I did not know how to answer properly. I was bouncing all over the place on every question. I remember one of the Captain’s from the interview had set his pen down and stopped writing. At first I thought it was because I was interesting and he wanted to listen to my answers but it was the opposite. Later I found out that it was a sign of disinterest and the Captain was done with me. He did not want to write anything else down. This is how my next couple of interviews went. I thought I was ready.

I started to look online to see if I could inform myself in having better answers. That is when I found Chief Dean and the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy. I was hesitant to sign up. I emailed Chief Dean before I signed up and asked him how the Oral Interview Academy worked. I explained my situation and Chief Dean was more than willing to help me out. He explained how he was going to assist me to pass the oral interview and help me get to the next step.

Chief Dean was there to help me out with any questions I had. I would email him with questions and he would answer them promptly. Each of his videos was a new learning experience for me. I was excited and could not wait for the monthly coaching sessions from the Oral Interview Academy. All were really both informative and motivational. It showed me how to organize my interview answers and set them straight. I was no longer all over the place. I would also hear of others in the academy getting hired.

I was excited to go on my next interview and use my new found knowledge! I went on three different interviews within a span of 3 weeks for three different cities. I received call backs on all three interviews! I could not believe this was happening! I could not get passed one interview at first to passing my next three interviews with the help of the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy.

Chief Dean had helped me get to the next step! I am now a San Diego City Firefighter. I could have not done it without Chief Dean and the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy! I am so grateful and appreciative at the same time. I am 42 years old! It is not too late for you! If you want to get to the next step, sign up for the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy! You will be happy you did! It is more than worth it!

Lionel Salcido, Firefighter, San Diego Fire Dept., California

"I cannot begin to tell you the feeling I have in getting to my main goal in becoming a career firefighter.

My journey began almost ten years ago when I had decided to change careers to something I felt was of value to myself, my family and the community as a whole. I attended my pre-service fire academy and began taking written tests, studying hard and eventually started getting interviews. That is when I ran into some difficulties.

Interview after interview I was getting the “thank you, but no thank you” email and I became really frustrated. I realized I needed help with my interview skills and eventually came across “Tomorrow’s Firefighter” on YouTube. I believed in what Chief Guccione had to say about getting to know myself better than I ever did before, and realized I had all the answers to the interview questions in me.

You gave me the tools and confidence in bringing forth my skills, knowledge and abilities during my oral interviews. I no longer thought to myself “wish I said this, that and the other”.

Your program is different than any other coaching program because it allows you to give proper answers without sounding canned. It gives you the ability to have a candid discussion with the interview panel, and the confidence in knowing everything you say is you and your background.

I would and I have recommended your Firefighter Oral Interview Academy and your Chief’s Interview Workshop to every firefighter candidate that would like to improve on their interview skills.

Thanks again for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!"

-Richard Fendley, Firefighter, Oakville Fire Dept., Ontario, Canada

"A couple of years ago I bombed Long Beach’s interview because I went in and thought I could wing it and that’s why I did poorly. After 8 years of testing and winging it, I wanted to come in prepared, and Dean simplified everything for me.

He made me realize that my previous experiences had significantly prepared me to be a firefighter. He tells it how it is in the interview process by giving you his experience and insights so you're not going in blind.

The Firefighter Oral Interview Academy is definitely an investment in yourself and your future. You can keep struggling through your interviews, or try his program and go in there with confidence and show the interview panel who you are. It’s a small investment compared to making over a million dollars over a 30 year career!

Dean’s been awesome and we’ve been in contact throughout the hiring process and he’s always been there for me every step of the way. He’s been beyond helpful and I’m very appreciative of his help and mentoring. My life is going to be changed in ways I can even imagine. On a scale of 1 to 10 the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy was a 10 for me getting the job with Long Beach Fire Department!"

-Dan Ossman, Firefighter, Long Beach Fire Dept., California

"I would like to thank you and show you utmost appreciation for everything you have done to help me get to where I am today. I have you to thank for helping me achieve my dream. I can say that without a doubt, if it wasn't for the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy and your support, I would not have done nearly as well as I did on my interviews.

The biggest challenge that your program allowed me to overcome was being able to properly express myself to the interview panel and to show them who I really was. Your program taught me so much about myself and I was able to walk out of my last 2 interviews feeling like I absolutely nailed it. I can thank you enough Chief!"

-Kha Nguyen, Firefighter, Burnaby Fire Dept., British Columbia, Canada

"The Firefighter Oral Interview academy is an investment in yourself. I didn’t even think twice about it. That’s it. I would highly recommend to anyone they purchase this program because it exceeded my expectations in every way. I felt confident and prepared going into my interview and it will put you head and shoulders above anyone else. I knew it was going to help me get hired and it was worth every single dollar. It made all the difference.

Being able to have a mentor like Chief Guccione is a blessing and I couldn’t have asked for a better guy throughout this whole hiring process. I can’t thank him enough for making an awesome program. Thank you!"

-Alex Paz, Firefighter, Davie Fire Dept., Florida

"Getting hired was a long and frustrating process but having access to actual feedback was invaluable. Knowing the extent that you should answer questions was also something that I needed.

You even interviewed me at one point and I remember knowing almost immediately that I didn't have the job. It was clear I didn't know what was truly expected. (At least as far as the interview was concerned)

Having the information that you give in the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy enabled me to understand the expectations and actually exceed those expectations. Thank you!"

-Pierce Williams, Firefighter, San Jose Fire Dept., California

"I have been watching and studying your Tomorrow's Firefighter videos for the past couple of years to help me pursue my dream of becoming a firefighter.

I'm excited to say that I have been offered a career as a firefighter at the Columbia, Missouri fire department and I start my academy July 17.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with all the information that you've shared in your program. It has helped me tremendously and I would recommend your coaching to all firefighter candidates. I'll keep watching your videos."

Thank you!

-Jordan Klebba, Firefighter, Columbia Fire Dept., Missouri

"The Tomorrow's Firefighter interview academy is the best tool for any new firefighter chasing the dream of becoming a full time career firefighter. After being out of the academy for 2 years and having no luck getting hired I turned to Chief Guccione's academy and through the online program along with the Facebook live coaching calls, I was able to pass all 4 of my next interviews and receive an offer of employment with the City of Saint John Fire Department, in New Brunswick.

I truly believe that the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy had a large impact on me being able to get the career I've been chasing for years. I would recommend this Academy to anyone new in the fire service and I promise you that you will not be disappointed in the outcome.

Thank you so much Dean for helping me realize my dream!"

-Eric Hendricks, Firefighter, St. John Fire Dept., New Brunswick, Canada

“I approached Battalion Chief Dean Guccione via email after watching a few of his FREE-interview preparation videos online.

My "gut feeling" told me he was legit and had the knowledge and experience to really help me achieve my dream job. I took the leap and enrolled into the program.

I experienced a very awkward Chief’s interview not long ago. Many questions by the Chiefs left me speechless or rambling. Long story short I was unprepared for this part of the hiring process until I enrolled in the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy.

Dean's program has a strong foundation and is well-organized. It has several features that really helped me get my thoughts together such as the PDF notes and MP3 option to listen to the material. What I like the most about this program is that he is not giving you "answers”. I learned how to plug in my personal life experiences into any question and that is what set me apart from the other candidates.

I applied myself fully to this program and it paid off. I got hired with my dream fire department! And I just finished Rookie School!”

-Raul Zaragoza, Firefighter, Arlington Fire Dept., Texas

“This was my second department I interviewed with this year and I got the job! I just want to say thank you. It's because of the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy and your guidance that I succeeded with confidence throughout the interview process. THANK YOU CHIEF GUCCIONE!”

-Daniel Sandoval, Firefighter, Perry Fire Dept., Georgia

“Before your program, I struggled in my interviews and I would get caught up in my thoughts and I would lose track and forget critical key talking points which is why I didn’t do well on my interviews before the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy. What helped me the most was the way Chief Guccione broke down the questions and gave examples of what a panel was actually looking for in an answer using my own personal experiences.”

-Matt Keane, Firefighter, Virginia Beach Fire Dept., Virginia

"The Firefighter Oral Interview Academy is an awesome course! It helped me see why I didn't do well in my first 6 oral interviews. Chief Dean Guccione is so thorough and he helps you think about your past job experiences, skills and strengths and how to incorporate them into a successful oral interview. I'm so much better prepared and more confident now and I just got hired!"

-Dustin DuCasse, Firefighter, Boca Raton Fire Dept., Florida

"I couldn't afford to take the time to figure this out by trial and error. With Chief Guccione, I felt he was honest and he helped me understand what departments are looking for in a candidate that other programs and coaches didn't explain. It's one of the greatest investments I've made so far! It will help you get the job especially with his guidance and coaching and you will have a positive return because you will learn how to organize your thoughts so you can stand out to the panel."

-Daniella Montiel, Firefighter/Paramedic, Hallandale Fire Dept., Florida

"I scored very high on my panel interview and that wouldn’t have been possible without Dean Guccione. His videos helped me tremendously understand what it takes to get that high score. He kept me motivated and helped me control my emotions in my interview and I knocked it out of the park and score really high! This is my first application ever and I just got hired with LaFayette County Fire Department and it’s all because of his videos. The program really does work and it's outstanding!"

-Justin Johnson, Firefighter, LaFayette County Fire Dept., Georgia

“After 5 years of testing from as far north as Philadelphia to as far south as Richmond, Virginia, it’s no coincidence that I got hired with the Baltimore Fire Department right after I started studying your program! Thank you for everything! You’re awesome, Dean!”

– Joey Heinze, Firefighter, Baltimore Fire Dept., Maryland

“You and Tomorrow's Firefighter have personally helped me accomplish my goal of getting my dream career as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic! I recommend to anyone this amazing program!”

– Steve Vargas, Firefighter/Paramedic, Spokane Fire Dept., Washington

"I found that Chief Guccione went above and beyond in giving thorough explanations for situational, behavioral, interpersonal and direct questions. He gives you a clear idea of exactly what the interview panel is looking for; not just canned or rehearsed answers to memorize. I'm grateful for Chief Guccione’s Firefighter Oral Interview Academy because it is what helped me to get hired. If you are serious about being a firefighter and don't want to waste thousands of dollars and years of your time, then prepare the right way for your interview and utilize the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy as your key resource."

– Heather Campbell, Firefighter, Surrey Fire Department , British Columbia, Canada

“I honestly felt rejuvenated with a brand new mindset that had shifted from lacking confidence, to a strong belief that I would not only pass, but succeed above and beyond what I ever thought I could. I passed my very next interview at the top of the list. The results were instantaneous!”

– Garret Miller, Firefighter/Paramedic, Burbank Fire Dept., California

“Chief Guccione’s unique coaching style challenged me to critically think about who I am and to effectively evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as a firefighter candidate. I would recommend the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy to any potential firefighter candidate who is looking to not only succeed, but to excel, in the firefighter recruitment process.”

– R.J. Mundell, Firefighter, Burbank Fire Dept., California

"At 21 years old, with no fire academy under my belt, I finished with a 92% on my very first oral interview ever, with Burbank Fire Department with no experience and no fire academy! Two weeks later I finished with a 94.5% on my second interview with Santa Monica Fire Department. Now I just got hired with Kern County Fire Department. I couldn't have done this without Chief Guccione and the Firefighter Oral Interview Academy! Thank you!"

– Eric Reinhardt, Firefighter, Kern County Fire Dept., California