Finish at the Top of Your Captain or Lieutenant Promotional Exam

The Company Officer Training Workshop Starts on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 10:00am Pacific Time

This 7 Week Online Company Officer Training Workshop will Give You the Training, Leadership, Insights, and Confidence You'll Need to Finish at the Top of the List on Your Company Officer Assessment Center Exam

This is Must-Have Company Officer Training that will Help You Finish at the TOP in the Following Areas:

  • Written Exam Including Multiple Choice Questions and Essay Exam Topics
  • Includeds 5 In-Basket Exercise Where You Prioritze and Organize 10 To-Do Items Based in Order of Importance
  • Inside Oral Interviews w/Your Department's Chiefs Where Chief Guccione Discusses How to Properly Answer Over 25 of the Most Likely Interview Questions
  • Outside Oral Interviews w/Outside Chiefs Where Chief Guccione Discusses How to Properlly Answer Over 30 of the Most Likely Interview Questions
  • Tactical Simulations w/Over 20 Different Structure Fires, High-Rise, Mid-Rise, Strip Mall, Center Hallway, Commercial, Hotel, MCI, Haz-Mat and Brush Fire/Structure Protection Simulator Problems
  • Tactical Discussion Problems w/Over 30 Different Scenarios for Fire Attack, Ventilation, High-Rise, Mid-Rise, Lobby Control, RIC/RIT, Haz-Mat, Mass Decon, MCI, and WUI/Strike Team/Structure Defense
  • How to Conduct a Subordinate Counseling Session
  • Firefighter's Procedural Bill of Rights [BONUS]

You will also learn how Chief Guccione finished number #1 on both his Captain's and Battalion Chief's exams the first time.

You will not only be fully prepared for all aspects of your Promotional Assessment Center exam, but you will be ready to assume the role of company officer from day one.


The cost of tuition for one full year of access is $1997.00 or 6monthly payments of $367.00

Your Instructor: Battalion Chief Dean Guccione, Beverly Hills Fire Dept. (Ret.)

Chief Dean Guccione has helped dozens and dozens of Firefighters, Paramedics, and Engineers promote to Captain and Lieutenant over the last 20 of his nearly 30 year career with the Beverly Hills Fire Department. As the Personnel Division Chief, his responsibilities included writing and administering promotional exams for Engineer, Captain, and Battalion Chief. He has also sat on numerous promotional panels, as a rater, for fire departments all over Southern California, including L.A. City, Torrance, Santa Monica, Monterey Park, Fullerton, Brea, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, just to name a few. He has also worked with Chiefs all over the state of California helping to develop their promotional exams from San Jose, Long Beach, Oakland, L.A. County, Anaheim, Orange, Manthattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Torrance fire departments, just to name a few.

His unique perspective and leadership will not only give you the knowledge and confidence you need going into the exam and to finish at the top, but from day one, you will be prepared to step into the role of company officer. And that's what the raters are looking for in a Captain/Lieutenant candidate. Plus, you will also learn how Chief Guccione finished #1 on his Captain's and Battalion Chief's exams on his very first attempts.